Sunday, October 10, 2010

today was really amazing

2day was an amazing day it was my fawzy's wedding hehehe no he isn't my Fawzy but he is my teacher, eldest brother and my assistant manager.
really i enjoyed the day in spite of that me and my frds "Whitie, Brownie & Hebsy" got lost little heheheh and i am still laughing till now but it was amazing i loved the day
Fawzy was handsome and his wife was gorgeous Mchallah and i enjoyed it with Denver Team i love them all :D
The next time ISA will be Browine , Little Deee ,Hebsy and of course Saif cause he wanna marry as soon as he can :D and sure my sweety Whitiee :D
hope all of our days to be full of love and happiness :)))))))))))))

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Didn't Know that i will ruin it this time :(

I always ruin things
I know all time it is my mistake but what to do am really sad, scared and feel unsecured.
I did hurt him too much and i didn't give him the same care but if he still have in his heart little feelings i think he would give me chance maybe it will be the last or maybe he would never do :(
i feel that this is my big problem now i never feel or know the value of the thing except when it fades away as i didn't feel that my mum was so precious except when she gone, i never felt that failing in college is a big thing except when i stayed too long in college as today i had a big and hard feeling that i have lost the battle of a life by him leaving my life, it is hard to feel broken and specially from inside the last time i felt that was many years ago when i took maybe more years to be back to life but back with unsecured person and i think i will be like that for more years now.
I know he gave me much and i gave nothing but know am ready to give maybe it is too late or not late i dunno but i will wait and see and if i lost him so it wasn't meant to be for us to be together but deep i have never felt that broken inside like that but i wish him the good no the best ISA in life if he will be happy away like that wishing him all the best.
am sad and i know i ruin it all again :'(

Just came to my mind

When you do love someone you can't think except about his happiness nothing more
when you feel that they are happy you become more happy, when you feel they are doing well and enjoying their lives you do enjoy yours and when they feel peace u felt the same and even more but when they asked you only one thing which is forgiveness i think you could forgive them as u did love them and truly did, on the contrary when someone loves you so much and u kept ignoring him or her and once u begin to think about them as they have gone or maybe u still feel that they are here but in fact they went away not because u r bad but because u pushed them away and u still have feeling that they will be back but in vain they wont as my friend Seif always said to me " you have to learn from your mistakes" he is right M7dsh byt3lm bebalash and i think what is more important that u have to listen to  ur inner voice like white's browine always said that to me listen to your inner voice if i did i wont be writing this now anyway m7dsh bytlm bebalash :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never thought I Will do it :)

1st of all am so happy that i finally made it and have a blog to write in all what i can't say it out loud, then i wanna really thank who inspired me to do it as they are my sweet friends who are my sweet brownish optimistic Safaa and my whitie religious crazy Sally.
I do really love them both and as this is my 1st post i want it to be just full of joy and to be fun as i am nowadays happy and am fill with a lot of Joy hope i will be like that for at least a week :))))))))

Some words just cross my mind and i wanted to write them down they aren't originally mine i read them somewhere or i heard them really i don't remember but i do believe them so i will say them out loud now.

Don't Ever Give Up if you still want to Try,
Don't Ever Wipe Your Eyes if you still want to Cry,
Don't Ever Settle For an Answer if you still want to Know,
Don't Ever Say You Don't Love Him if you can't Let Him GO. :(

At the end am really happy that i have finally made it and many thanks for my inspired friends Love them so much