Sunday, October 10, 2010

today was really amazing

2day was an amazing day it was my fawzy's wedding hehehe no he isn't my Fawzy but he is my teacher, eldest brother and my assistant manager.
really i enjoyed the day in spite of that me and my frds "Whitie, Brownie & Hebsy" got lost little heheheh and i am still laughing till now but it was amazing i loved the day
Fawzy was handsome and his wife was gorgeous Mchallah and i enjoyed it with Denver Team i love them all :D
The next time ISA will be Browine , Little Deee ,Hebsy and of course Saif cause he wanna marry as soon as he can :D and sure my sweety Whitiee :D
hope all of our days to be full of love and happiness :)))))))))))))